Help Me L8ter is live!

Get the google play version here!

I made some quick changes to my marketing model. After thinking about the idea of paid starts, I decided that safety should not come with a price tag. So the app is completely free.

I am using in-app advertising to get the app paying my bills and I'm going to be introducing a "non-ads" feature that will cost a small amount to remove the ads. I will see how this goes over the next few months, if it annoys too many people I might end up removing the advertising all together and replacing it with a donation option.


The icon every android app starts with. One of my friends actually called this the dustbin with arms and legs and I think he's quite right, the very icon itself is begging to be replaced with something else. The question is with what? Most of the time I write an app I change this at the last minute before putting my app on the store, but this time I thought I would put in a bit of effort beforehand.

So, I sat down and threw this together.
From the android developers guide:
An icon is a graphic that takes up a small portion of screen real estate and provides a quick, intuitive representation of an action, a status, or an app.
Well, after a bit of thinking, I decided to be as literal as possible, the clock in the icon represents the timer, and the message in the icon represents the fact that the app will send a message if the time expires. Simple!

So, now to put this to work in my app...

Help Me L8ter in BETA

Go and get it!

Some minor details. The SMS sending is turned off by default, to activate you will need to go to the about page and check the box. No this will not be the case in the full version. This is soley a beta "safety" feature.

The Store, where you buy starts is free. just click on any purchase item and you'll get a free start.