Help Me L8ter

Introducing Help Me L8ter

Nervous about heading home in the dark? Mountain biking on your own? Doing something that you are not so sure about? Well this app might save your bacon.
Help Me L8ter alerts your trusted contacts if you are in trouble by a simple timer. Set the timer, start the app, and away you go. If you don't stop the app, your trusted contacts get a call for help with your phone's location.

Awesome! So how does it work?

The application uses your phone's GPS sensor and cellular connection to call for help if needed. Obviously, you will need a cellular connection for this to work but the app will continue trying to call for help even if there is no service.
To use the app, simply pick your contacts, write a custom message such as "I'm walking home from work", set a timer and off you go! You simply stop the timer when you are home safe.
If the timer does expire, a SMS is sent to each of your trusted contacts with your customised message and your location (optional). Expired by mistake? After you confirm your password (optional), you can send an automated "All is OK" message too.

Where can I get this?

Currently this is a beta application. You can get an experimental version by joining this google group

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