Radar Wallpaper LIVE

Radar Wallpaper is Live on the play store! Go Get it!

From the description:

This is a BETA. there may be bugs - Please submit a bug report if you encounter any issues. This app will be updated frequently as issues are found and resolved
Puts rain information right on your homescreen, quick and easy.
Wondering if it's going to be rainy outside? Want to know if you need to bring a raincoat today or not? Well worry no more! This wallpaper provides at-a-glance information of the weather right on your homescreen.
The live wallpaper provides you with the latest Australian rain radar in your area from the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) with the most up-to-date information of the current situation. You do not need to go into another application or a weather site, the rain information is right on your desktop as you unlock your phone!
★ Radar information right on your homescreen and lockscreen as a live wallpaper.
★ Location tracking (optional) to find the radar site closest to you.
★ Customizable zoom options.
★ Customizable blur setting to make the background more unobtrusive.
The data sources is from the BoM rain radars, which are generally accurate to the latest 15 minutes.

I am proud of this app. After a year of no development whatsoever, the code is very stable.

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