Help Me L8ter

So, I am writing another app...

This time it's for much broader target audience that I think need something like this. It's a Dead man's timer that broadcasts a cry for help if the timer is not incremented or stopped. It's a rather simple concept with far reaching options.
  • You are walking home from a bar late at night and are worried about who you meet on the street on the way home.
  • You are paragliding in your local site and your buddies have already left, making you the last on the hill.
  • You are a photojournalist in a hostile city. You are worried about being kidnapped.
  • You are rock climbing.

Well, you can just flick this app on, set a couple of buddies to notify, set a time that you are planning on being out for, and start! If you end up OK, that's great, If you end up pinned under a boulder rock-climbing and you cant reach your phone, great! Your phone will automatically notify the buddies you chose with your location and a small "Help Me!" message.

Simple concept right?

Well, no.. it's not that easy. You've got to deal with the limitations of Cell coverage, GPS accuracy, and a myriad of other things. along with coding for UX design. But I've almost finished.

Anyway, I'm quite a long way along now and almost have an app ready to test.  Send me an email or PM and I'll send you an APK to test if you are keen.

A few caveats:
  • I wrote this app, some of you know me right? It's also a BETA. It also sends text messages to people calling for help.. Be prepared to forewarn people if you are going to test this.
  • It sends text messages.. I know I mentioned this before.. but these things cost money sometimes.
  • Some of the UI elements might look strange on older phones. Please tell me if they do! I've only got one phone, and the android emulator is not the best sometimes. 
  • Android only. Sorry iOS users.